Console and I/O

* Presonus StudioLive  Digital Console with Digital DSP onboard Mixing Suite- Complete integrated SL-Remote On Tracking Floor from IPad2

* M-Audio Ultra 8R- Interface with complete Master MIDI Control, as a peripheral to main systems and Mobile Recording

*  Edirol UA-1000- Interface with complete Master MIDI Control, as a peripheral to main systems, Rehearsal Floor Tracking, and Mobile Recording

* Slave Fostex VM200 Analog/Digital Console ( for optical control via Toslink )

* Ableton Live 8 Suite with Operator and Complete Plug-in Packages ( Installed and fully operational on all of our production computers)

*   MAC G5 Power Tower (Customized) Running Pro-Tools 10 and Plug-In Suites

 *  Complete Pro -Tools 6 Rig running on Mac G4  Tower with OS-X/ DIGIDESIGN  888 -24  I/O with  Mix Farm Peripheral Cards-  

* Presonus Studio One Producer ( Available )

* ( 2 ) PLM Custom built PC  Towers with advanced Asus motherboards, Intel Quad core overclocked processors, 8 gig ram with 3 redundant hard drives. HD Video out to dual monitors 28″ and 22″ respectively. Workstation 2 is also setup as a mirror of Workstation 1, with additional sampling and tracking capabilities.

* M-Audio MIDI Controllers:  Axiom 49 @ at Console Master Control, and several other MIDI controllers are available in house from multiple manufacturers.

* Several Application Synths, Emulators, beat generators and Sequencers, including MPC,   IK Multimedia, Akai, Reason, Fresh Trap, and Novation,  running on various studio computers and IPad 2.

Mobile Recording

* Workstation 2 is also set-up as our Mobile rig. We travel to you with a full DAW workstation and mobile racks with M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8r Interfaces or PreSonus StudioLive,  and some tasty signal processing….

External Hardware and PlugIns

* Some of the very best rack gear: Pre-amps, processors, gates, compressors, and EQ’s  including Presonus ( Digimax LT and more!), Alesis, BBE, TC Helicon, Yamaha, Behringer Vintager Series, DBX, Digidesign, Focusrite, Ashly and Avalon.

* A massive collection of some of the world’s best plug ins from Focusrite, Izotope,  Drumagog, Mark Bass, IK Mulitmedia, Native Instruments, Celemony,  Studio Devil, Line 6,  Big Fish Audio, Samplitube, Antares, Complete Modern Collection,  and many more.


* Near- Field,  Tannoy Reveal 5d

* Out-Field, M-Audio BX8A Deluxe Gen 2, Roland DS-90

* Mastering / Control Room Listen back,  Acoustic Research PMR Towers , JBL Control 2

* Main Floor Listen back, Yamaha NS-AW190 


We offer an extremely diverse collection of microphones for many various applications from several manufacturers,   including  AUDIX, AKG, Blue, Sterling Audio,  EV, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic Shure, and MXL. We also employ the use of Yamaha Sub Kicks. 


* Studio Drumkits, including a REMO MasterEdge Special,  YAMAHA Stage Custom Birch,  YAMAHA Recording Custom, and a Vintage STEWART kit.

* Various cymbal types and sizes, SABIAN- AA, AAX, and Xs20 , and some custom AA MEINL and WUHAN. 

* Several Professional Snare Drums, in various sizes/dimensions/shell types from Pearl, Yamaha, DW/PDP, Mapex, Ludwig, Tama,  Grover Pro, and SP.

* Various Percussion Instruments from  MEINLTOCA  and LP – including a set of hand drums, djembes, Cajons, assortment of shakers and other various hand percussion.

** We are proudly endorsed by – and All of our drum kits and snare drums are proudly equipped with AQUARIAN Drum Heads, and our cymbal mounting hardware is outfitted with CYMPAD.